Saturday 7th June 4th Fitbeat sporting event and Rally for Heroes

On Saturday 7th June we joined  George Topsy Turner and Ruth Dancer for the 4th Fitbeat sporting event.  This encourages all ages to try new sports giving the opportunity to have a go under  supervision.  I thoroughly enjoyed having a go at Archery – although I wasn’t much good at it!  I took the children’s challenge set up by the Fire Brigade dressed up in their uniform, including helmet and boots and waddled down the course and enjoyed spraying the fireman at the end – I cannot tell you how heavy their uniform is and this made it extremely difficult to complete the exercise.  Well done to all Firemen!   


Following  Fitbeat,  I went on to the Rally for Heroes event at Tesco in Solent Road, Havant  which is raising money for SSAFA.  There will be  50 cars  travelling through 11 countries in 8 days covering a distance of 2,600 miles.    I was delighted  to be presented with a replica of their mascot a SSAFA teddy bear which I intend to auction at one of my forthcoming charity events to raise funds for my chosen charities,  Raynauds and Scleroderma, Footprints – Downs Syndrome Support and The Rowans Hospice

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