Youth Challenge April 27th

This year’s Youth Challenge Talent Show, held at Park Community School in Leigh Park, was organised by Activity Challenge Enterprise and I was asked, along with Lynne Dick, from Making Space, and Juliane Collins, from the World of Music Education, Ltd., to be one of the judges

This event showcased the finalist from schools across Leigh Park, and was in primary and secondary age groups.

The very talented young people who showed off their skills came from several local schools, with a magician and a dancer from St. Thomas More’s, a singer and a dancer from Barncroft Primary and two singers from Front Lawn Primary Academy in the Primary Class, and, in the Secondary Class, a dancer, a singer and a dance duet all came from Park Community School.

The Primary Class was won by dancer Tilly May Padley, from St. Thomas More’s, while the Secondary Class was also won by a dancer, Chloe Stedman.

A special prize for originality was awarded by the Mayoress to Alfie Avey from Front Lawn Primary Academy.

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