Wag Walk April 28th

This morning Elaine and I were, once again, on Hayling Island.

This time we were there to participate in the annual Wag Walk to raise funds for the Ark at Stubbington.

There were a lot of people there with their dogs and, although it was quite chilly, it was not as cold as last week.

The walk was officially started by Kerry Swain from Meridian TV, who had come from Southampton with her own dog. Starting from the Coastguard station, the walk went to the inn on the beach, before retracing the route back to the start.

As we had to get ready for a lunchtime get together, we only walked to the turning point, before we stopped for a warming coffee at the cafe and then came home.

Meetting  one of the dogs.

Meeting one of the dogs.

Ready to go.

Ready to go.

With Kerry Swain.

With Kerry Swain.

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