Trip Out in Police Response Patrol Car – 4th March

I began this with a visit to Waterlooville Police Station where I attended the briefing prior to the start of the shift. After the briefing I had to have a risk assessment before going out with two police officers Kelvin and Steve. When we left the police station it was quite warm once the sun went down however this changed I was frozen. However both policemen at this stage were still in tee shirts! It was a fascinating experience to witness the work that our officers routinely do during the course of their shift. Both Kelvin and Steve were very solicitous of my safety and where appropriate I stayed in the car.   Having made an arrest at about 10.15 – 10.30 pm it meant that they would be very late finishing their shift as they would then have all their paperwork to do from 3.00 pm until the finish of their shift at 12 midnight.

My grateful thanks to Sergeant Andrea Heywood for organising and to Kelvin and Steve for hosting my blues’ n’ twos experience!


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