Freedom Ceremony June 30th

This morning saw the granting of the Freedom of the Borough t0 4-7 Regiment, Royal Artillery.

Before the commencement of the ceremony, Elaine & I met with senior officers from the Regiment and the Honorary Colonel, Major General Chris Wilson, CB, CBE, at the Public Service Plaza before making our way to Havant Park to await the arrival of the troops from 10 (Assaye) Company who were representing the Regiment and, equally importantly, receiving their campaign medals, having recently returned from their tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The Company arrived at Havant Park, preceded by a marching band from Horndean, and formed up in three rows across the park from the dais on which I accompanied Major General Wilson.

Presenting Medals

Presenting Medals

After prayers from the 4-7 Regiment Padre, Major Ingham, the medal presentations took place with Major General Wilson presenting to the front rank, myself to the centre rank, and Lieutenant Colonel Matt Crisp, the commanding Officer of 4-7 Regiment, doing the honours for the rear rank.

The Scroll

The Scroll

I then gave a short address before having the honour of reading and presenting the Freedom of the Borough Scroll.

Major General Wilson then gave an acceptance speech, following which the troops marched off, followed by the band, and we then returned to the Public Service Parlour for a reception and the chance to talk to some of the returning soldiers and their families.

Altogether this was an event in which I was very honoured and privileged to have taken part.

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