Wednesday 11/5/16 MayorMaking Ceremony

Today our Mayoral year came to an end and I handed over to Councillor Faith Ponsonby. We had a final photo taken with three of our Mayor’s Cadets and one at the Civic Banquet at The Brookfield in the evening.

Andy and I have had a wonderful year and we wish Faith and Michael the very best of luck for their year ahead, I am sure they will enjoy the role as much as we did.

2 Responses to “Wednesday 11/5/16 MayorMaking Ceremony”

  1. john Davis Says:

    Why can’t the interesting photo’s be full screen?

    • themayorofhavant Says:

      If you click on them they do get larger. If you need a copy of any photo, I am sure The Mayors’s Secretary Anne Thurlow would be pleased to help.

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