Chinese New Year Celebrations – 22nd February

Chinese New Year 1

This was held at the Guildhall in Portsmouth in the company of the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and a large number of the Chinese community.  Proceedings began with being taken round some stalls to see some of the crafts and gifts made by local Chinese people.  It was totally fascinating watching a man carving incredible creations from simple vegetables e.g. carrots and turnips.  I then went into the main hall where we were treated to a feast of Chinese dishes and then performances on the stage by a large number of entertaining acts performed by Chinese and none Chinese performers who belonged to groups such as martial arts, dancers, and of course the traditional lion dance.  What a spectacle!

 Chinese New Year 2

The whole of the performance was a kaleidoscope of colour noise and excitement.

I loved every moment.  Thank you to all the Chinese Community for inviting me.

Chinese New Year 3

Chinese New Year 4

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