Courtyard Food Market – 2nd February

Cake 1

I was invited to open officially the inaugural Courtyard Food Market held in St Peter’s Square, Emsworth – a delightful little courtyard in front of the Greenhouse Café. This is going to be a’ regular’ market which will be there every 1st and 3rd Monday of every month from 10.30 until 2.00 pm.

This market is special because it is a) the smallest market in Hampshire and b) most importantly it is entirely for local produce acknowledging that Emsworth is a real ‘foodie’ destination!   The idea for this came from Harry producer of ‘Harry’s sausages’ and Phoebe Atkinson-Eberle of ‘Mill Pond Cakes’ who brought it to fruition with the help of Alistair Gibson and the whole of the Emsworth Business Association.  The stall-holders today were, Mill Pond Cakes, Thrift Cottage Preserves, Harry’s Sausages and the Crafted Coffee Company.

I was presented with a fabulous cake to mark the occasion.   This was to take back and share with others to celebrate the start of this new venture.

This new food market deserves to do well and grow, as far as it is able, within the confines of the Courtyard! Thank you for inviting me.

Cake 3

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