Visit to Havant Borough Talking News Recording Studio – 20th November

Talking News 1

I was invited to the studio run by the volunteers who put together this newspaper. It was fascinating to find out how this really worthwhile facility is created. I was told how the paper is researched, edited, recorded and copied by volunteers who work so hard for the community. I had the privilege of recording a message and a Christmas wish for the next edition.

Unfortunately numbers of recipients have dwindled over the last few years so if you know of any resident who is either blind or partially blind who could benefit from this facility please get in touch with them and they will be only too pleased to help.   Havant Borough Talking Newspaper contact 023 9248 0101 or by e mail

Some facts below:-

Audio News for the Blind

–   Every 14 days 60 minutes of Audio local News, every Quarter an audio magazine

–   Produced by over 50 volunteers

–   Mailed to 150 Listeners in the Borough

–   Expenditure last year – £8,000

–   ‘Boom Box’ – £24 for listening

–   Seeking Volunteers and Funds

–   ‘No regular income, all raised by fundraising’

Talking News 2

Talking News 3

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