Grand Opening of Winter Wonderland at Hayling Funfair – 23rd November

Winter Wonderland 2

You don’t have to be a child to be enthralled with this!   When Father Christmas arrived being drawn by huskies on a ‘sleigh’ in the pouring rain the children were so excited and rushed to meet him. The huskies were removed and taken under cover then Father Christmas and I cut the ribbon to open Winter Wonderland. There had been a radio competition and a little girl won this and was to be the first person after me to see this year’s Winter Wonderland.

This year Father Christmas was being helped by elves, one of which was Lenny the Learner Elf! This Elf has been trying to pass his exams for many years and this year good luck Lenny – try and qualify this year! I was taken around by Molly another Elf who made sure that we saw everything there was to see including this year’s brand new feature of a Gingerbread House and a visit to Father Christmas’s grotto.

I can only say a huge thank you to James Cogger for inviting me – it was a fantastic start to my Christmas!

Winter Wonderland 1

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