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Grand Opening of Winter Wonderland at Hayling Funfair – 23rd November

November 28, 2014

Winter Wonderland 2

You don’t have to be a child to be enthralled with this!   When Father Christmas arrived being drawn by huskies on a ‘sleigh’ in the pouring rain the children were so excited and rushed to meet him. The huskies were removed and taken under cover then Father Christmas and I cut the ribbon to open Winter Wonderland. There had been a radio competition and a little girl won this and was to be the first person after me to see this year’s Winter Wonderland.

This year Father Christmas was being helped by elves, one of which was Lenny the Learner Elf! This Elf has been trying to pass his exams for many years and this year good luck Lenny – try and qualify this year! I was taken around by Molly another Elf who made sure that we saw everything there was to see including this year’s brand new feature of a Gingerbread House and a visit to Father Christmas’s grotto.

I can only say a huge thank you to James Cogger for inviting me – it was a fantastic start to my Christmas!

Winter Wonderland 1

Switch on of Christmas Lights at Waterlooville – 22nd November

November 28, 2014

We were taken by horse drawn carriage from Wicks car park up Maurepas Way and thence into the London Road. What a sight we beheld, thousands of people waiting expectantly for Father Christmas to arrive with me to turn on the lights. The Waterlooville Forum Events Team did an incredible job, the organisation was so good. The characters from Frozen were around Waterlooville all day which encouraged footfall all the day long, By the time we got there it is estimated there were around 4,500 people watching. Great excitement on behalf of the children there were so excited seeing all the Disney characters, and Father Christmas. It was a privilege to be invited to do the countdown along with Richard Shaw to the lights being switched on.   They are lovely – well done to all the Waterlooville shops and businesses who supported. It is so appreciated.

Mill Hill Primary School Christmas Fete – 22nd November

November 28, 2014

I don’t believe I have ever seen a school fete with so many stalls. The school was vibrant and incredibly active with all sorts of things going on including live music.

I was shown around by a young person called Matthew, who was very attentive and made sure that we were accompanied at all times and went into every room and I mean every room as there were so many stalls and attractions. Well done Mill Hill Primary School!

School Oyster Film – 21st November

November 28, 2014

Emsworth Museum

Having attended the launch of the main Oyster Film on the 25th September it gave me enormous pleasure to attend the new film created by children from St James Primary School, Emsworth.   They did a fantastic job from research, script, directing, and acting.

The film tells the story of the unfortunate demise of the Oyster industry in Emsworth. This film is going to be kept in perpetuity for schools to use as a teaching aid and will be showing at the Emsworth Museum along with the original film by Millstream Productions.

Well done to the children for all their hard work!

Visit to Havant Borough Talking News Recording Studio – 20th November

November 28, 2014

Talking News 1

I was invited to the studio run by the volunteers who put together this newspaper. It was fascinating to find out how this really worthwhile facility is created. I was told how the paper is researched, edited, recorded and copied by volunteers who work so hard for the community. I had the privilege of recording a message and a Christmas wish for the next edition.

Unfortunately numbers of recipients have dwindled over the last few years so if you know of any resident who is either blind or partially blind who could benefit from this facility please get in touch with them and they will be only too pleased to help.   Havant Borough Talking Newspaper contact 023 9248 0101 or by e mail

Some facts below:-

Audio News for the Blind

–   Every 14 days 60 minutes of Audio local News, every Quarter an audio magazine

–   Produced by over 50 volunteers

–   Mailed to 150 Listeners in the Borough

–   Expenditure last year – £8,000

–   ‘Boom Box’ – £24 for listening

–   Seeking Volunteers and Funds

–   ‘No regular income, all raised by fundraising’

Talking News 2

Talking News 3