National Apple Day Market, The Square, Emsworth – 18th October

Apples, apples galore! I took along my two apples from my tree to join the thousands of others which were being chopped by a valiant band of choppers then mashed in a shredder and then put into the brand new locally made apple press. The children from St James Primary School entered a competition to design the label for the 2014 vintage of apple juice. A delightful choice – the winner’s picture was printed on the tee shirt and was used for the label.

I watched the process as the apples were pressed and the juice flowed into the receptacle under the press then insisted on a taste – fantastic, I do hope this becomes an annual event!

I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to many local traders and the organisers who all worked so hard to acquire apples, and produce the equipment for this very enjoyable occasion. I was sad that I had to move on so quickly to my next engagement.


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