Cowplain Community School Fun Run – 16th October

I arrived at the school in a miraculously dry period! All the children taking part were given a pink tee shirt which were worn proudly. The children ranged from about 5 – 16 . Two of the older youths donned the garb of the Pompey Mascots which of course fascinated the really little ones and they wanted to stroke and shake hands with them! They managed to keep these costumes on throughout the whole run as they stood at the finish line to welcome all back – although the outfits must have been very hot and were very heavy.

Portsmouth Football Club sent some representatives and some spot prizes for the event. It was a good occasion inspiring children to be more active through short distance running.

Havant Athletics Club assisted and provided all the marshals – their enthusiasm and help will hopefully inspire some of the children to join the athletic club.


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