Virgin Kitesurfing Armada at Hayling Island – 11th and 12th October


Unfortunately Richard Branson was not able to attend although he had hoped to be there – but he was busy launching an aircraft in America. He did send a message of encouragement/congratulations to participants.

It was a nail biting but exciting wait on Saturday evening while the representative from the Guinness Book of Records recorded the number who had taken part and completed the mile to see if they had beaten their world record. Sadly this was missed by just 8 due to the almost complete lack of wind this morning and afternoon. On Sunday (unfortunately I was not able to be there) the Stand Up Paddle Boarding record was broken so this will be appearing in the Guinness Book of Records.

Well done to all who took part in both events. An excellent evening of celebration mingled with a little sadness at missing the Kitesurfing record was enjoyed by all present.

Professional Kitesurfer, Lewis Crathern was at the event a person well known to all kitesurfers, the organisers of the event are SNOW CAMP is an innovative youth charity founded by Daniel Charlish. They use a unique combination of skiing, snowboarding and life-skills programmes to support inner-city young people.


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