Meet the Men’s Shed Leaders at The Plaza, Havant – 10th October

Although I am a woman, I was invited to meet the international leaders of the Men’s Shed movement. This organisation began in Australia way back and David Helmers the CEO of the Australian Men’s Shed was here in Havant (after attending a special meeting in Ireland) along with John Evoy of the Irish Men’s Shed and Mike Jenn, Chairman of the UK Men’s Shed.

Local men shed organisers and members met to promote and inform on the progress within the Havant Borough. We will have opened 3 new Sheds in the Borough recently.

Men’s Sheds are places offering facilities and community atmospheres; where skills and tools can be shared, projects worked on and new friends made. Mental health research shows that participation in activities, especially as we get older, will enhance health prospects and lead to a more fulfilling later time of life.

A professional film company recorded an interview in the Mayor’s Parlour with David Helmers which will promote Men’s Sheds internationally when it is aired on television.

I look forward to taking up the invitation of visiting the Waterlooville shed to see the progress with their building.


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