Harvest Festival Service at Winchester Cathedral – 5th October

I attended this very special service at Winchester Cathedral lead by The Very Reverend James Atwell, Dean of Winchester. This was a lively service ending with some children offering gifts and presenting them to the Dean. These comprised, Cheese for the Dairy, Salad from the Gardens, Fruit from the Orchards, Flour from the Fields, Fudge, cakes, jams and jellies from the Kitchen.

At one stage we all sat and listened while Alastair Stewart OBE ran a ‘Question Time’. He asked questions of Angi Hill (New Forest National Farmers’ Union Branch Chair) Peter Niccolls (Hatchett Herd of Pedigree Dexters), Geoff Morgan (Board Member of the New Forest Show) and Chris D’Olley (Trustee of R.A.B.I.) [R.A.B.I. is a charity providing support for members of the farming community who
are in need, throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland] which highlighted several problems that farmers are facing.

All together a very interesting experience.


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