Acorn Centre event celebrating their 10th Anniversary – 3rd October

I dashed from Havant to Hart Plain for the above. They had kindly waited to open their evening officially until I arrived. I had the strange experience of welcoming everybody when they had arrived before me! I was welcomed by Ann Waters and yet again by Ashley Bowden who I had met a few weeks ago and we sat down to a lovely cream tea.

The evening got underway when Ann gave a potted history of the last 10 years explaining how the centre had really begun from very small beginnings. They have an incredibly keen and loyal band of volunteers who do a marvellous job at the centre and at Billy’s Lake; Ann went on to talk about how a group had started to clear up Billy’s Lake and take possession and responsibility for this beautiful reclaimed area. I was asked to talk about my experience at the open day and I had great pleasure in re-living my experience of that lovely day.

Several past Mayor’s, who had been involved with the Acorn Centre over the last 10 years also attended the celebration and many photographs were taken.


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