Launch of Oyster film at the Brookfield Hotel – 25th September

This event was run by the Emsworth Museum.

A young local company of filmmakers Millstream Productions made a documentary film about the Emsworth Oyster industry; its near demise and the struggle to revive the business against many odds. Fishermen of many generations were interviewed telling the history of their occupation. Linda Newell, Local Historian and Manager of the Emsworth Museum was also interviewed and gave an informative account. Many of the local fishermen were present at the showing and it was fascinating to talk to them all along with officials from Chichester Harbour Conservancy. A film is being produced by local schoolchildren and will be launched in November this year. I look forward to being invited to attend.

Hosted at the Brookfield Hotel, who as usual, gave amazing help and support to the evening and the staff did a wonderful job.


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