2nd Anniversary Celebrations for Food Fiend Experience – 27th September

Food Fiend

Continuing the food theme…

This is a small local business on Hayling Island. Kathy Fitchett formed this company due to her passion for food! She runs it from her home giving people a special dining experience and/or hands-on cookery classes. The’ special dining experience’ offers a small intimate dinner party in her home, the cookery classes are given in her own kitchen which is designed to be ideal for this purpose. Kathy’s family and friends are very supportive of her enterprise and those invited this afternoon had the wonderful experience of sampling some of her cooking – she had been busy preparing super foods for us to taste. This was particularly a vegetarian feast of curries, followed by three puds to die for! With all of this food she had taken into consideration the natural benefits of certain foods!

I wish Kathy every success in furthering her business and thank her for my lovely experience.


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