Opening of The Jade Garden at Queen’s Parade, Waterlooville – 7th September

Jade Garden 3

Today I was invited to open a new Chinese restaurant at Queens Parade.

I was able to take part in the bringing to life of a new Chinese Lion. The Chinese community chose to do this at the opening of the new Jade Garden Restaurant.

The old Lion wad dying and to bring a new Lion into being there is the ritual of ‘enlivening the new lion’.

I was greatly honoured to have the privilege of painting the eyes on the new blue Lion which is the action that brings the Lion to life. This is quite a considerable ritual and is accompanied by fire crackers, the decorating of the Lion with bay leaves, the arrangement of fruit as a good luck symbol and many other intricacies.

The arrangement of fruit and lettuce leaves says ‘Good Luck’ in Chinese characters.

After the ritual we were treated to sumptuous Chinese cuisine and can thoroughly recommend The Jade Garden.

Grateful thanks to Mr Albert Choi, his family, the owners and the staff of the Jade Garden.

Jade Garden 2

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