National Watersports Festival – 5th September

Going over the bridge to Hayling Island we noticed how calm the sea was – not a movement!

On arrival at the beach I was taken aback by how much this event has grown over the years, I was taken round by Allan Cross the Event Organiser and introduced to many people from the various trades and sports ranging from windsurfing to the latest and fastest growing craze of paddle boarding. These boards can be blow up and can be packed away into a large bag making it possible for many more people to partake of this sport. Had I been younger and more agile, I would have stayed to take part in one of the taster sessions – it looked such fun! I was introduced to many present and past champions in the various water sports. Havant is very lucky to have this event within our Borough; it is now the biggest and best water sports festival of it’s kind in the UK and year by year it grows. The event generates a lot of income and puts Havant well and truly on the map. I can only say a big thank-you to Allan Cross, who puts an enormous amount of effort into this attraction that is enjoyed by so many locals and visitors.

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