Billy’s Lake Open Day – 6th September

What an oasis of calm and beauty on the fringes of Wecock Farm! Local people organised through the Acorn Centre to take charge of this beautiful piece of land and water . They have cleaned it up and made it a lovely spot to fish and generally enjoy the countryside. Youngsters are being taught how to fish and care for their catch after it has been caught, returning it to the water. The youngsters from about the age of 9 upwards are enthusiastic about keeping this area clean and well cared for after they have made such an effort to get it to this stage.

I was leant a young man Ashley, who looked after me and guided me through the area staying with me and lending an arm to help me round. Thank you very much Ashley without you it would have been much more difficult and less enjoyable.

Ann Waters, her husband and John Welford are amongst the adults driving the project and I congratulate them on their achievements both with the clean up and the teaching/training and the instilling of enthusiasm into the youngsters to create this haven. I strongly recommend that you go and take a look!

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