100th Birthday Celebration with Albert Marcus Stephenson – 3rd September

I was invited by Bert’s (he prefers to be known as this) family to surprise him on his 100th birthday by arriving at his house to join the family for an early celebration; the main party was to be at the weekend.

Both Bert and his wife live in their own home, Bert does most of the gardening and is an incredible example to us all. Their garden was well looked after with fruit and vegetables and flowers making it a lovely environment in which we sat, talked and shared a glass of champagne!
During the morning it became apparent Bert’s sister had been awarded Maundy money back in 1993 and this was now in his possession. I had the delight for the first time in my life of seeing Maundy money, it is tiny and silver as can be seen from the photo below.

Bert, I wish you many more happy years and thank you and your family for your hospitality.

100th Birthday Celebration 1

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