Emsworth Horticultural Society Show on 25th August

Following the traditional August bank holiday weather this turned out to be the wettest day for this show since 1986 – just my luck!

The organisers had done a magnificent job in setting it all up in the most deplorable weather and many were soaking wet already by the time I arrived. We were welcomed warmly and started to walk around the show but the weather defeated us after a short while as it had become increasingly more difficult to see what was there through the pouring rain. We went into the marquee to walk round the exhibits – a phenomenal number of members both adults and children had entered the various wide ranging classes. It was a treat to see the floral blooms and the massive vegetables on show, The photography was varied and marvellous to look at. Most of all, it was great to see the number of children and young people who had entered and the pride they showed when they, or a member of their family, had won a prize.

Unfortunately, after lunch, we left somewhat drenched along with everybody else there. This was much earlier than I would have chosen to leave, I would have enjoyed going round all the stalls and seeing what was there. Congratulations to all the organisers and volunteers who worked so hard to give everybody a wonderful experience. I can only hope that next year the weather will be what the show deserves – I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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