The Rowan’s Hospice 20 Year Anniversary Celebrations – Preview of Sculpture by Philip Jackson – 18 July

The Rowan’s Hospice 20 year Anniversary Celebrations Preview of Exhibition of Sculpture by Philip Jackson on the 18 July.

I am so enthusiastic about this event that I don’t know where to begin. I was invited because the Rowans Hospice is one of my charities for this year and thank goodness it is! What a privilege to have such a small group going around the Cathedral in Portsmouth to view these magnificent sculptures!

An ideal venue for the pieces that have so much grace and elegance. I leave you to judge for yourself by the picture that follows of Gale Force Nun II.

Gale Force Nun II

This exhibition is open until 31st July I urge you to pay a visit – not to be missed!

Gale Force Nun II

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