1st and 2nd July – 100 Years of the Brownies and Visits by 2nd Denvilles and 3rd West Leigh Brownies

It was my pleasure to host visits to the Parlour and Council Chamber by two groups of Brownies as part of their 100 year celebrations.

We started the visit with a talk and presentation by our Environmental Health team who showed how bad it is to wash chicken before cooking! The team made it very interesting and fun for the children. This was followed by an in depth insight into the Office of the Mayor, and the history of the robes given by Tom McInally, the Mayor’s Attendant. Tom explained all about the robes and how the pockets were used to collect taxes and the role of the Mace in protecting the Mayor in days gone by. Today, of course this is just used at ceremonial occasions.

We finished with soft drinks and cakes and giving the children copies of the Coat of Arms.

The Brownies have been working on their Brownie Birthday Challenge Badge since January – and have chosen many of the challenges they wanted to complete, such as climbing/a sleepover at Southbourne Village Hall/a trip on the Watercress Line/swimming and lots of crafts and games taking the Brownies from 1914 to 2014. I was also able to present them with these well earned badges.

We ended the evening by presenting each Brownie with a Mayor Bear Badge!

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