Unveiling of the bust of the late Alexander McKee OBE

It was absolutely lovely to be able to attend this event recognising the work of Alexander Mckee and his incredible work and that of the team of divers who found the Mary Rose.

When “McKee’s Ghost Ship” was raised in 1992 Mac was not invited to join the VIP’s on the salvage ship to watch. Among the guests was Prince Charles who asked where he was. On being told that Mac was with his family on a launch outside the exclusion zone he insisted that they be brought aboard.

The amazing Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth Dockyard is the direct result of the refusal of this remarkable man to give up what most believed was a lost cause.

I was delighted to be able to meet his wife , daughter and son at the unveiling. The bronze bust on display in Hayling library depicts this man with such character in his face.

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of Henry Yelf in acknowledging the work of Alexander Mckee and his team.

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