South Downs College Skills Summit – 25 June 2014

On Wednesday 25th June, Councillor Gerald Shimbart joined with me to attend the South Downs College Skills Summit – The Visitor Economy. We enjoyed an excellent presentation by Jeremy Pardey who gave us an account of the journey that Butlins had undertaken over the last 8 years. He explained how they had managed to turn round the attitude of residents by bringing them into the site to enjoy and experience first hand the facilities available to visitors at Butlins. They now appear to be quite proud to have this leisure facility in their town. The occasion was also an opportunity for South Downs to showcase their incredible award winning dining facility which can be used by anyone wishing to sample a fine dining experience put on by the students. We have plans in place to hold a Charity Dinner in aid of my chosen charities on
31 March 2015.

Havant is Open for Business!

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