21 June Hampshire Games and 3rd Hayling Scout Group’s Annual Award and Presentation Event

21 June

The Deputy Mayor and I started the day attending the Hampshire Games at Aldershot Military Stadium. We couldn’t stay long as we had a commitment to attend the 3rd Hayling Scout Group’s Annual Award and Presentations Event at their 85th Birthday Group Family Camp held in Shedfield. We were welcomed warmly and saw Scouts being presented with anything from their 10 to 40 year certificates for service to the Scout Movement.   After the award ceremony I wandered around the field going to the various tables of activities. At one of the tables youngsters were making badges and one of the scouts made one for me bearing the title ‘Mayor’ – this I will treasure!.    

The theme of this year’s camp was the Vilkings and at one of the tables, I made myself a gold belt with a gaudy buckle. I look forward to seeing the completely finished Viking ship that they were working on during the whole weekend which was to be a surprise to the younger ones at the camp!   I only saw it nearly complete but it was very good and looked very professional even at that stage.

In the evening I was invited to attend a D Day and First Word War Commemorative Dinner at the Ex-Servicemen’s Club in Brockhampton Lane, Havant. The evening was an opportunity to meet and speak with many ex service people and to reflect on the club’s activities over the years. It was a very pleasant evening and I thank them very much for the understanding that this gave me into the work of the Royal British Legion.  

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