Maydays artstrail 2013

Sunday saw us attending the Forest of Bere Woodturners open day, where we were treated to demonstrations of their skills and examples of their craft. It was good to see young people being invited in to have a go and gain practical hands on experience.

Then it was on to the Hayling Island section of the maydaysartstrail to pay visits to a number of the local artists exhibiting their works over the weekend. We started at the Northney Barn Tea Rooms where 6 artists had come together to use this beautifully restored barn as an exhibition space. As a watercolour artist myself, I was fascinated to see the diversity and quality of work on display at all the places we visited and it was good to see visitors to the tea rooms taking the opportunity to view the art work on display. We did surprise one artist who was not on our itinerary and who we discovered had only recently moved to Hayling. We called at the home of Daphne Bessford to see her watercolours and she was somewhat surprised to see the Mayor and Mayoress stepping into her conservatory! Sorry Daphne – but I do like you paintings!

The artists at Northney Barn with the Mayor and Mayoress

The artists at Northney Barn with the Mayor and Mayoress

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