Woodland Festival, Waterlooville – Sat 11th May

As the Chairman of The Friends of Park Wood, Jackie has been planning this woodland event for many months and it seemed very appropriate that as one of our first engagements, The Mayor should be invited to open it. But first we both had to be up early to help the team of volunteers get everything set up, erect gazebos and assist the 35 stallholders to get their equipment into place. While the Mayoress remained on site, I retired to spruce myself up and reappear formally at the London Road gate of the wood to be met by – yes, you’ve guessed it – the Mayoress! She proudly donned her chain over her green Woodland Trust Volunteer shirt.  After a few words of welcome I opened the event and we then visited all the stalls and bands who helped to make it a very successful event. During the day over 800 people visited the festival and the weather remained kind. One of the highlights  was a promenade production of a story called ‘The Giant Menace’, written and performed by members of Havant Dynamo Youth Theatre and using the woodland as their scenery and stage.

Mayor and Mayoress chat to volunteers

Mayor and Mayoress chat to volunteers

A ferret takes a liking to the Mayoress!!

A ferret takes a liking to the Mayoress!!

As Jackie had declared that she would be too tired after the exertions of the day, for the evening visit to the Great Hall in Winchester I was accompanied by my daughter -in -law, Amy. This was to attend  a Showcase concert given by Hampshire Music Service and hosted by the Chairman of the County Council, Councillor Andrew Joy.  This was presented as music in the round with performances by some of the outstanding young Hampshire musicians from among the 55,000 young people who are learning to play and sing with the music service. The programme ranged through swing, jazz, steel band, brass ensemble and for me two outstanding performances by a 14yr old harpist – Maddy Hurlestone and 17yr old Christopher Pott on the marimba.

The evening really did showcase the talent that is being nurtured within the county and the commitment and ability of young people who enjoy their music.

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