Home Bargains May 4th

Started in Liverpool by Tom Morris more than 30 years ago, Home Bargains now has more than 280 stores throughout the country and is still privately owned.

With some of the manangement team.

With some of the manangement team.

The store that Elaine and I opened this morning in the Wellington Retail Park in Waterlooville, and which occupies part of the old Focus D-I-Y store, is the first to be opened in Hampshire.

Many of the employment positions in the store have gone to local people, and there should be more opportunities for jobs once the store becomes established.

When we arrived, the shop had opened a bit early to save customers waiting outside in the cold and, by the time we left, there were already a lot of people with loaded baskets and trolleys, many of whom said that they had only come in to look!

With all the new housing coming into the local area over the next few years, it is to be hoped that more new buisnesses will be attracted to the area in the near future.

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