St. George’s Day Parade April 23rd.

In glorious weather today’s annual St. George’s Day Parade in Emsworth was a grand event. Before the actual start of the Parade, we were able to walk along the crowd-line and talk to many of those who had come along to pay their respects to the troops.

100 men and women from 12 and 47 Regiments, Royal Artillery, came from Baker Barracks on Thorney Island and marched along the High Street behind the extremely smart band of the Royal Logistics Corps.

During the march, Elaine and I, together with the Commanding Officer of 47 Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Sawyer, were on the saluting dais. After a reading commemorating the Korean War, we were asked to present the Emsworth Rose to all of the Korean War Veterans who were parading behind their banners.

After the presentations were completed we went back onto the dais where I gave a short speech, followed by prayers by the Vicar of St. James Church, Reverend Simon Sayers.

I then read out a citation which was to be presented to each Regiment, before the band played the National Anthem, after which the Parade was dismissed.

We were invited to join the veterans at the Warrant Officers and sergeant’s Mess on Thorney Island where, again, we were able to talk to many of those attending.

With some of the crowd.

Talking with some of the crowd.

Presenting the Emsworth Rose.

Presenting the Emsworth Rose.

With Some of the Veterans.

With some of the Veterans.

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