7 Platoon April 18th

Our visit to 7 Platoon, B Company, of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Army Cadet Force at Purbrook Park School coincided with an inspection by the Force Commandant, Colonel Rodney Lambert.

We were greeted by the Army Cadet chosen for the next Mayoral year, Oliver Drain, and 2nd Lt. Hicks, the Detachment Commander.

Ration Pack.

Ration Pack.

Preparing to Fall Out.

Preparing to Fall Out.

We were able to see some marching drill, and then some cadets going on their first camp were given an explanation of what would be in their ration packs, and a demonstration of how to cook the food in safety.

We spoke at length to Colonel Lambert regarding the future of the unit, as they have been told that they will have to leave their base of many years in the very near future. Currently they have not found anywhere suitable for relocation.

The Platoon currently has around 25 members, both male and female, and it would be a great pity if these dedicated young people found their Platoon being disbanded.

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