Rugby Club April 13th

Early this afternoon Elaine and I went to the annual President’s Lunch at Havant Rugby Club.

When we arrived at the nearly empty clubroom we were greeted by the President, Harry Wilkinson, and his wife Joyce. After talking for a while I was surprised when I looked round and found that the room had suddenly become crowded with local members and their guests, and also with representatives of today’s visiting team, East Grinstead.

After a very nice lunch, with Havant MP David Willets also there, and having heard the President’s speech, the raffle was drawn.

The closing remarks followed and then most of those attending went to watch the match. Unfortunately, Elaine and I were unable to stay due to a possible family crisis in Brighton.

I shall look forward to seeing the result of today’s game, but East Grinstead are unbeaten this season and, when they played Havant in December, they won 67 – 0!

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