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Inner Wheel April 11th

April 11, 2013

This afternoon Elaine and I were invited by the Inner Wheel Club of Waterlooville to their fundraising afternoon tea and talk.

The Charity for this year is Hounds for Heroes, and the guest speaker was to be Alan Parton, bringing with him his dog, EJ.

At about 11:30 this morning Alan rang Inner Wheel to say that he was unable to come due to an emergency of his own. I received a phone call around noon to ask if it was possible that I could, if necessary, stand in as speaker.

As I had already started to write up my account of the Mayoral year so far, I agreed and then finished off doing the write-up.

The Inner Wheel is the ladies version of Rotary and Elaine is a member of Waterlooville Inner Wheel, while I am a member of Waterlooville Rotary, so there were a lot of people there that we knew.

The talk seemed to go down well, at least nobody fell asleep and, as there were Inner Wheel members from as far afield as Alton, I was pleased to have been able to help.

Andy Capp April 10th

April 11, 2013

This musical production of Reg Smythe’s much loved cartoon strip was written by Trevor Peacock with the music by¬† Alan Price of The Animals.

Performed at Hayling’s Station Theatre by the Hayling Musical Society, and directed by Tony Dart, this is probably the first cartoon based musical to be performed there since HumDrum performed Snoopy – The Musical way back in 1996.

Based on the misogynistic behaviour of Andy Capp, the large cast worked well together, with some very accomplished ensemble pieces together with some excellent solo singing, especially from the very talented Daniel Wallage.

Performances continue until Saturday, with a mattinee on Saturday afternoon.