Heritage Trail March 30th

This afternoon Elaine & I joined a group made up of young people from the Havant Borough Youth Council and Warblington School, together with Tracy Vear from HBC and Charlie Fletcher from the EDGE project, on a guided walk around part of the Havant Heritage Trail.

Help and funding has come from Havant Rotary Club and the National Lottery’s Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Heritage Trail is linked to the recently developed illustrated boards at the Spring Arts and Heritage Centre and is also available as a podcast or can be found at :- havantheritagetrail.wordpress.com

On the tour, of about 14 sites of the 34 in the full Trail, the history of each site was narrated and, in some cases, acted out by the young people who were tasked to research each of the sites and to develop the narrative for the tour and the podcast.

One of the interesting facts is that the Post Office in East Street is one of only two in the country to display the Royal cipher of  King Edward VIII, who only reigned for 11 months in 1936.

Ready to go.

Ready to go.

Royal cipher of Edward VIII.

Royal cipher of Edward VIII.

End of the Trail.

End of the Trail.

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