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WI Spring Meeting March 19th

March 19, 2013

This morning Elaine & I went to Portsmouth’s Guildhall for the Spring Council Meeting of the Hampshire Federation of Women’s institutes.

The Top Table.

The Top Table.

The Hampshire WI’s have about 8000 members, and over 1000 of them were at a packed Guildhall.

After the Chairman’s welcome and the minutes of last year’s meeting, the audience were introduced to the Board of Trustees and the WI advisors. This was followed by the Chairman’s address and the Treasurers report.

Next came a talk by highly acclaimed Chef, Peter Lien from the WI’s Denman Cookery School which is set in the picturesque village of Marcham, in Oxfordshire.

Various members then gave brief overviews of their different roles and, after a short break their was a talk by another Chef, this time ex-Gurkha Pemba Lama, whose recipe book on Nepalese cooking has recently been published.

Unfortunately, due to other commitmentswe were unable to stay for the afternoon session, so we missed hearing the guest speaker, Clarrisa Dickson-Wright of Two Fat Ladies fame.