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Masonic Centre Jan 12th

January 12, 2013

This afternoon we visited the newly refurbished Purbrook Centre Members Club in Stakes Road.

Once the Purbrook Methodist Church, the building was taken over by them Freemasons to be used as both a meeting place for various Masonic lodges, and as a venue that can be used by local groups.

With Directors

With Directors

There are several rooms that can be used, including a large hall with a raised stage and a parquet floor which has been stripped and treated and is suitable for various functions and dance classes.

While we were there, we met several of the Directors of the centre and other Masons, together with people from the local area who had come to see what had been done to a building that had been empty for quite some time.

Emsworth Loyalty Card Jan 12th

January 12, 2013

This morning Elaine & I were in a very wet and windy Emsworth to help launch the Emsworth Loyalty Card.

When we arrived in The Square two flautists were playing under the shelter of a gazebo and various people were gathered around trying to keep out of the worst of the weather.

With the Loyalty Card the idea is to get the card stamped ten times in at least four of the many participating shops and businesses, after which the card will be entered into a monthly draw for £25 plus a prize donated by one of the participants.

There are currently over 30 participating shops and businesses, ranging from pubs to dentists, and dry cleaners to vets, with many other categories in between.

Perhaps, one day, we might attend a function in Emsworth in the dry, but I am not holding my breath!