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Safer Places Dec 6th

December 6, 2012

This morning we were at the Beacon Church in the Meridian Centre, Havant, for the launch of the Havant Safer Places Scheme.

Originally piloted in Devon and Cornwall, the scheme is aimed at helping those vulnerable people who find themselves distressed or afraid when out and about.

The idea is that shops, libraries, banks, community centres, etc., should offer a safe haven in the event of bullying or harrasment in what may be an unfamiliar area.

Showing the logo

Showing the logo

Any premises which display the logo, as in the photograph, will have staff available who are able to calm a vulnerable person and, using information on a card carried by that person, are able to call a named carer or other responsible adult.

The scheme is supported by Havant Borough Council’s Community Safety Scheme and the Police, and already there are a number of shops, banks, etc., signed up and displaying the logo.

We Will Rock You Dec 5th

December 6, 2012

Park Community School’s production of the musical “We Will Rock You”, based on the music of Freddie Mercury’s group Queen, was very well performed, with some excellent performances from all of the cast.

A very minimal set was used, with imaginative use of a screen at the back of the stage.

Several of the Queen songs are featured throughout the show, and all were well sung, although there was a problem with some of the microphones, which was a great shame, but I am sure it will be sorted for the final two performances which are Thursday 6th and Friday 7th starting at 7pm.

There was some excellent choreography, and the dancers were very well rehearsed.

This is a show well worth seeing, and the drama department at the school have done a very good job.