Oaklands School Nov 28th

This afternoon Elaine & I, together with Councillor Leah Turner, visited the Religious Education department at Oaklands RC School in Waterlooville.

We were met by Mugeni Sumba, one of the teachers, and introduced to some of his students.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss some aspects of the projected Memorial Against Hatred and Intolerance that will be created at the school now that the target of collecting a million buttons has been achieved and, indeed, surpassed.

The Memorial is intended to focus attention on the various genocides that have taken place, and are still taking place, across the world.

Having visited Auschwitz in 2009, I was able to take along a disc of photographs which I took at the time. Councillor Turner spoke of her visit to the Yad Vashem holocaust research centre in Israel.

We had a very interesting discussion with the students, featuring not just the Holocaust of the Second World War, but also more recent events such as the atrocities in various parts of the African continent and the conflict in areas of Eastern Europe, such as Bosnia and Yugoslavia.

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