Junior Citizen Nov 20th

This morning we were at Fort Purbrook to see one of the sessions of this year’s Junior Citizen programme.

Red Cross

Red Cross

This involves Year 6 pupils from the schools across the Borough attending either a morning or afternoon session, over the course of 10 days, being given a short talk by proffesionals from 6 different areas of community life.

Trading Standards

Trading Standards

Today we saw children from St. Thomas More’s and Waterloo Schools having 15 minute periods with the Red Cross, Royal National Lifeboat Institution, HCC Trading Standards, Southern Domestic Abuse Service, Hampshire Fire & Rescue and HBC Environmental Rangers.

They were given demonstrations of what to do in case of an accident, how to react in case of a fire and the importance of properly maintained smoke detectors and the perils of open water. They were also told about things to look for in shops and car boot sales, how to recognise domestic abuse and how to look after the environment.

All of the pupils were very enthusiastic, and will probably go home and teach their parents how to do things!

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