High School Concert Nov 14th

The annual Gala Concert of Portsmouth high School was held at Portsmouth’s Anglican Cathedral in Old Portsmouth.

Elaine was unable to accompany me on this occasion, so I was joined by the Deputy Mayoress, Jackie Buckley, at what was an excellent evening’s entertainment.

The Concert began with a Stevie Wonder medley performed by the Symphonic Band, and was followed by a very tuneful rendition of I Can Hear The Bells, from the musical Hairspray, sung by Ellie Jones.

There were also examples of choral singing, a Ukelele group, excellent Flute solos by Isobel Taylor and Alana Grady, and Vivaldi’s Concerto For Two Violoncellos performed by Katie Phillips and the school’s Head Girl, Bethany Garland.

The evening marked the departure of Angela Blackwell, who is leaving the school’s music department after 8 years to take up the post of Director of Music at Exeter’s Maynard School.

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