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HCCS AGM Nov 13th

November 13, 2012

This afternoon saw the last AGM of the Havant Council of Community Service.

Since the 1st of September, HCCS has joined with Community First East Hants to become a much larger organisation that is known as Community First HEH.

After I gave a short welcome to all those present, the main part of the proceedings was initiated by the Chairman of HCCS, Graham Lavender, who went through the previous minutes and then the Chairman’s report and accounts.

The Chairman of the new Community First HEH, Beverley Jones, then gave a talk on the way forward across the large area covered, and the fact that they would now need to tender for various contract such as Meals-on-Wheels, etc.

This was followed by the approval of applications to join the organisation from several community groups, and the formal dissolution of HCCS.

The meeting concluded with an appreciation of the work done by Sue Spencer, the Chief Executive of HCCS, who has retired after 28 years with the organisation.