Bonfire Night Nov 5th

All the fun of the fair

All the fun of the fair

Tonight we went to Stockheath Common in Leigh Park for the annual firework display. The weather was cold but dry, although the rain over the last few weeks meant that the ground was very muddy and wet.

Despite this there were a great number of, mainly, local people there to enjoy the spectacle.

Part of the display

Part of the display

A large funfair was there, courtesy of Trickett’s Funfairs, and all of the rides and sideshows were very busy throughout the evening.

At 7.30 I pressed the button to light the bonfire and then, at 7.45, the fireworks began. The excellent display lasted for about 20 minutes and the night was filled with Oohs! and Aahs! as everyone, young and not-so-young enjoyed the fireworks.

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