Family Church Oct 21st

Portsmouth’s Guildhall was the venue for the 15th birthday celebrations of the Family Church.

There was a welcome for the almost 1,000 people packing the Guildhall from Pastor Andy Elmes who, with his wife Gina, had the idea for the Family Church all those years ago.

The first meeting took place at Buckland community Centre with about 12 people in the congregation. There are now about 1,400 regular attendees at 7 locations, 6 in the Portsmouth, Gosport and Havant area, and 1 in Makati in the Philippines.

During the evening’s celebrations there was plenty of music and singing, and dancing from different groups.

Also there was Philip Cameron, from the charity Stella’s Voice. This charity was set up to help orphans in Moldova who were being trafficked and used as sex slaves, with many of them dying at a very young age. Stella, herself, died at 19.

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