Medal Parade Oct 16th

Band of the Parachute Regiment

Band of the Parachute Regiment

This morning we were in Emsworth, where I had the pleasure and privilege of presenting Campaign and Jubilee Medals to the soldiers of 58 “Eyres” Battery, 12 Regiment, Royal Artillery.

The Battery, based on Thorney Island, had only returned from Afghanistan last Friday, and many of them had family there to see the presentations.

In general the weather was bright, although there was a heavy shower about half way through pinning on the medals.

Presenting the medals

Presenting the medals

The troops were led into the centre of Emsworth behind the band of the Parachute Regiment, to the delight of the waiting crowds. After they formed up in front of the dais I gave a short speech of welcome, and then Elaine & I were asked to present the medals and talk to each of the men and women receiving them.

At the finish of the presentation, and when the troops had marched off, we went to Thorney Island for a Curry lunch, and to meet some of the families.

I count myself very fortunate to have been invited to participate in two medal ceremonies in my first 6 months as Mayor.

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