Bloom Sept 29th

This unusual and highly original play was performed at The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre in Havant’s East Street.

Put on by Ringwood based Forest Forge Theatre Company, the story charts the history of  the garden at Langley Manor, and the family whose home this is, from its creation in 1912 through two World Wars, the Greenham Common Peace Camp, right up to 2012.

The local performers

The local performers

The unusual aspect of the play lies in the location of the action. Starting in the foyer of The Spring for an opening few minutes the action, and the audience, then move into the theatre proper for the next ½ hour or so. Everything then moves out through the back of the theatre into the garden and then, finally, out of the garden and in through the front doors and back to the theatre.

The four main characters are played by professional actors and actresses, while the chorus is from Dynamo Youth Theatre with the garden Gnomes coming from Remix Youth Theatre and Junior Moves dance group.

This was a very enjoyable and  entertaining  evening.


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