Mayor’s Concert Sept 23rd



Today saw the first charity band concert of this Mayoral year. The concert was performed by Meridian Winds and took place in the Council Chamber at the Public service Plaza.

The band is led by Don LLoyd  who served in the Royal Marines for 32 years, both playing and instructing. He finished his service as Chief Instructor Higher Training at the Royal Marines School of Music at HMS Nelson. Currently, Don is Director of Learning Music at Bourne Community College, Southbourne.

Conductor Don LLoyd

Conductor Don LLoyd

With over 30 members, there was a wide range of musical styles to be enjoyed, ranging from marches through film music to music from the stage.

There were also two excellent solo pieces, the first being a piece for Tuba called Tuba Smarties, written by Herbie Flowers from the group Sky, and the second being a fine Xylophone solo called The Joyful Skeleton written by Frederick Joseph Ricketts under the pen name of Kenneth J. Alford.

After the National Anthem, the concert proper began with the Overture from Light Cavalry by Von Suppe, and finished with excerpts from Schoenberg’s Les Miserables.

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