T.S. Active Sept 19th

This evening we went to visit T. S. Active, Maritime Training Corps, at St. George’s Church hall in Waterlooville for the presentation of awards and medals.

We arrived in time to watch the colours being raised, and we were then asked to inspect the Naval and Marine cadets and speak to each of them. Two of the cadets, Scott Cahill and Harry Woodman, were chosen earlier this year to become Mayor’s Cadets for this Mayoral year.

Later we watched as several of the Royal Marine cadets performed a silent arms drill.

Fundraising Certificate

Fundraising Certificate

Also there for the evening was last year’s Mayor, Councillor Ken Smith, who was there to present a certificate to naval cadet Lewis Triggs to mark his efforts raising sponsorship for one of the Mayor’ Charity walks. Lewis was also the recipient of his first good conduct badge.

An unexpected promotion

An unexpected promotion

After this I was asked to present Queen’s Jubilee Medals to some of the instructors, and then, to his great surprise, to present Second Lieutenant’s pips to one of the Royal Marine instructors on his promotion from Sergeant.

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